YouTube Advertising

Why Advertise on YouTube?

With over a billion users, YouTube is the biggest internet video website and the second largest search platform after Google. YouTube is a global force, and the demand for video content is only increasing: by 2021, a staggering 80{2fa391809601df20cead616bc6d569f70519c6e4bea557e9a89ccd53a3016e10} of all internet traffic will be video-related. With video shares also seen across other social platforms, if you want to showcase quality video content YouTube Advertising is a must.

However, the most exceptional YouTube strategy cannot be executed without great content, and the first 5 seconds of the advertisement is the most important time to capture the user’s attention to establish a connection.

With an average of 150 million video views per month in South Africa alone, YouTube advertising can be a valuable way of generating both brand recognition, and clicks to your site.  Combine this with a relatively low current cost per view and cost per click. There are three main types of YouTube Video ads:

  • In-Stream Ads: Ads shown at the start of targeted YouTube videos.
  • In-Search Ads: Ads shown in YouTube search results by targeting specific keywords.
  • Video Discovery Ads: Banners shown alongside videos in YouTube.

We can provide recommendations on what type of content engages the most with your targeted users and do a competitive analysis, from there on we implement a strategy. Additionally, we have the expertise to produce basic animation videos to detailed professional videos for your company that can get your message through and achieve your marketing goals.


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